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Infrared Cameras

As the master distributor leader in commercial vison systems for FLIR infrared cameras, Vissacon offers state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Infrared cameras are as easy to use as a camcorder, and infrared cameras from Vissacon are the best in the world; our service and support are unparalleled in the industry. We offer budget and professional infrared cameras of the highest quality. When you buy an infrared camera from Vissacon it comes fully guaranteed. No matter where you are in Australia, we'll be there to support you.

At Vissacon we provide infrared cameras for Vehicles, Maritime, Law Enforcement and Security.

Surveillance Cameras

Security has become a major issue in an ever changing world. A comprehensive security program utilising surveillance cameras with thermal imaging capabilities is the key to asset protection and risk mitigation. Surveillance cameras and thermal imaging technology from Vissacon can help combat terrorism, vandalism and potential security threats to personnel or facilities.

Thermal imaging exposes threats hidden in the darkness, concealed by adverse weather, and veiled by obscurants like dust, fog, and smoke that easily blind other technologies.

With a wide range of portable surveillance camera systems and compact fixed mounted sensors, Vissacon has you covered for all your security and surveillance needs.

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FLIR uses Core by Indigo products in virtually all of its application areas: vehicle vision systems; security & surveillance; maritime, and law enforcement. In addition, many of our cores and components are sold directly to OEM customers as brochure products. FLIR's Commercial Vision Systems headquarters facility located in Santa Barbara, CA supports:

  • A world-class readout integrated circuit (ROIC) design center.
  • High-volume production of infrared detectors, sensors, and cameras.
  • FLIR's Security & Surveillance products and their development.
  • Military program activities such as Litening, LLDR, and JSF.

Uncooled Cores
The Photon thermal imaging cores have been especially designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). They can be easily integrated into systems that require an advanced, uncooled thermal imaging solution. The Photon is available in a number of different versions. Depending on the application the user has a choice of image quality. The Photon 320 produces crisp thermal images of 320 x 240 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen. Users that do not need this high image quality can choose for the Photon 160 which produces 160 x 120 pixels thermal images. All Photon versions produce a clear image in total darkness, through smoke, dust and light fog.

Infrared Camera - TAU Cores TAU Cores
TAU Thermal Imaging core in a small, lightweight and affordable package. Tau is a high sensitivity, high reliability, uncooled long wave thermal imager. The compact design of Tau makes it well-suited for OEM packaging and integration. Tau comes in several configurations and has different lens options. It is designed to meet practically all applications. Tau is ideal for applications that require a light weight, small size thermal imaging core with low power consumption. ...
  Infrared Camera - ChromaNox 6 ChromaNox 6
High-Performance Color Imaging- All Day, All Night. The FLIR Systems ChromaNox 6 is an advanced electron multiplied CCD (EMCCD) camera that produces high quality color or monochrome video in lighting conditions from daylight to starlight, without the need for supplimental illumination. The ability to extend color imaging to 24-hour operation can greatly increase the effectiveness of your video security system and reduce the need for lighting resulting in significant cost savings and red...
Infrared Camera - FLIR Tau SWIR FLIR Tau SWIR
Minature High-Performance Shortwave Infrared Camera The Tau SWIR joins FLIR's Tau family of best-in-class minature camera cores. Designed for a variety of OEM applications, including electro optical payloads, weapon sights, night vision, and UAV/UGV sensor sockets. Tau SWIR delivers superior shortwave infrared imaging performance in the 900nm-1.7µm waveband. Features & Benefits of Tau SWIR 100 Electron Noise (typical) High sensitivity enables...
  Infrared Camera - Tau CNV Tau CNV
The Tau CNV (Colour Night Vision) camera is designed for applications that demand high frame rates at low light levels in a small, rugged, low-power OEM camera configuration. The Tau CNV is a great alternative to power hungry EMCCD cameras and other low light technologies including image intensified and EBAPS (electron bombarded active pixel sensor) based cameras. The Tau CNV is highly configurable with 1280 x 960 and 1280 x 720 (720p) resolution at 30 frames per second, interface options tha...
Infrared Camera - K-Series Laser Rangefinders K-Series Laser Rangefinders
FLIR's MLR-K series laser rangefinders are the smallest and lightest solid state laser multi-kilometer class laser rangefinders available. The units are compact, weighing as little as 115 grams and use less than 1.5 watts (when ranging), making them easy to integrate into handheld systems and stabilized airborne and maritime turrets. The MLR-K series are a cost effective solution for single shot ranging applications. The MLR-2K can range up to 5 measurements per second and the MLR-10K ...
  Infrared Camera - Tau 2 LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Cores Tau 2 LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Cores
Tau 2 is the latest generation product in FLIR's Tau family of LWIR uncooled thermal imaging camera cores. Two significant advances in Tau 2 are the introduction of: Enhanced electronics for improved image processing; and FLIR's 336x256, 17micron-pitch sensor format (in addition to the 324x256, 25 micron-pitch & 640x512, 17micron-pitch Tau 2 versions) Key capabilities available in the Tau 2.0 release include: 30/60Hz NTSC (25/50Hz PAL) field-switchable frame rate support for...
Infrared Camera - Quark Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Cores Quark Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Cores
A quantum leap ahead in the design and capability of longwave thermal camera cores, Quark provides leading-edge imaging performance and reliability in a compact, lightweight package. Quark's innovative design is enabled by wafer-level packaging of the microbolometer sensor. Size/Weight 22 x 22 x 12 mm (less lens) / 8g (camera body only) Key features include: Available in 336 and 640 resolution: Both with 17- micron pixels Ultra-small volume and low mass: Enables new applications in sm...
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon