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Infrared Cameras

As the master distributor leader in commercial vison systems for FLIR infrared cameras, Vissacon offers state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Infrared cameras are as easy to use as a camcorder, and infrared cameras from Vissacon are the best in the world; our service and support are unparalleled in the industry. We offer budget and professional infrared cameras of the highest quality. When you buy an infrared camera from Vissacon it comes fully guaranteed. No matter where you are in Australia, we'll be there to support you.

At Vissacon we provide infrared cameras for Vehicles, Maritime, Law Enforcement and Security.

Surveillance Cameras

Security has become a major issue in an ever changing world. A comprehensive security program utilising surveillance cameras with thermal imaging capabilities is the key to asset protection and risk mitigation. Surveillance cameras and thermal imaging technology from Vissacon can help combat terrorism, vandalism and potential security threats to personnel or facilities.

Thermal imaging exposes threats hidden in the darkness, concealed by adverse weather, and veiled by obscurants like dust, fog, and smoke that easily blind other technologies.

With a wide range of portable surveillance camera systems and compact fixed mounted sensors, Vissacon has you covered for all your security and surveillance needs.

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Law Enforcement

Vissacon offer a range of technologies to improve your vision when you are on your next Law Enforcement mission. Vissacon offer an extensive range of wearable, fixed, handheld and portable cameras, all aimed to assist your vision, whether its overt, covert or in a tactical situation. A range of technologies such as Thermal/Infrared and Low Light are available, please find below a list of camera systems that will meet your imaging requirements.

Handheld Cameras
Infrared Camera - Thermal H-Series Thermal H-Series
The Thermal H-Series are portable shock-resistant thermal imaging cameras. They produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. The H-Series allows law enforcement officers to see suspects in total darkness, through smoke, and light foilage. The H-Series are excellent tools for walking partrols that need to secure industrial sitess or borders, customs and law enforcement officers and all others that need to see what is happening in total darkness, in all weather conditions, without being s...
  Infrared Camera - Thermal Scout Thermal Scout
FLIR's Scout handheld thermal imaging cameras give hikers, hunters and outdoorsmen of all stripes the ability to see clearly in total darkness, providing a wealth of valuable information during any nighttime excursion. Scout, powered by the same advanced technology used by military and law enforcement, is the first personal thermal imaging camera affordable enough to give every outdoorsmen the unsurpassed practical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision. Scout enables the...
Infrared Camera - HF-Series HF-Series
Portable thermal imaging cameras for firefighting support use. The HF-Series are light weight handheld thermal imaging cameras that can be used for firefighting applications. Thermal imaging cameras do not need any light whatsoever to create a crisp image. Firefighters also see through smoke. With a thermal imaging camera you can remotely assess the effectiveness of ongoing firefighting activities, assist with the direction of extinguishing activity even in smoke filled areas outside,...
  Infrared Camera - Thermal Scout PS24/PS32 Thermal Scout PS24/PS32
The compact, lightweight FLIR Scout PS-24 provides clear, crisp thermal imagery from dawn to dusk and through the dead of night. It fits easily and naturally into the palm of your hand and features simplified operation making it an ideal choice for sportsmen, hikers, ranchers, rangers, or backyard nature enthusiasts. If you can’t bear to miss a thing while exploring the great outdoors, the Scout PS-32 Thermal Handheld Camera, satisfies your thirst for adventure. With its small form fact...
Fixed/Pan Tilt Cameras
Portable Video Systems
Infrared Camera - Thermal and low light THC-50D Thermal and low light THC-50D
The Dual Mode THC-50D Thermal Camera combines two types of technology, thermal imaging and low light CCD, into one camera making an extremely powerful and versatile camera for rescue and tactical missions. The thermal imaging technology, which can detect heat signatures through smoke, fog and tear gas, can quickly locate the human activity. The low light sensitive, high resolution BW CCD camera with infrared illumination can then provide much more detail to better assess the situation. The ...
  Infrared Camera - Zistos Pole Camera Kits Zistos Pole Camera Kits
Zistos Extension Poles are compatible with all Zistos Cameras, they offer many features including being submersible, waterproof and oil resistant, non-conductive for safety and 1ft flexible on all poles. Offered in a range of sizes from a 2 foot baton to a 20 foot telescoping pole length for optimum reaching capabilities. Rugged, lightweight and portable, each Zistos Extension Pole is specifically optimized for all different applications. Product Features a...
Infrared Camera - Under the Door Camera Under the Door Camera
The Zistos line of Under the Door Cameras are state of the art cameras that provide video and audio surveillance of rooms and with closed, locked or barricaded doors. Two models are available. The Dual View UDC provides an upward view of the back of the door, as well as a view into the room, while the classic Single View UDC provides only a view into the room. A tiny CCD Camera (or in this case of the Dual View UDC, two tiny CCD cameras) with infrared illumination and the microphone in the tongu...
  Infrared Camera - Vehicle Search Vehicle Search
Zisto's Vehicle Search Systems have established themselves as the preferred tools for gaining sight into otherwise inaccessible areas of vehicles in order to find contraband, explosive devices and other illicit activity. Once again, the inherently modular design allows one easily transportable kit to allow a comprehensive vehicle search under, on top and in hidden recesses of all vehicle types....
Infrared Camera - Universal WiFi Link Universal WiFi Link
The Universal WiFi Link (UWL) is a cost-effective, battery-operated wireless network system that transmits video to a mobile device such as an iTouch, iPhone, iPad or laptop or PC, as needed. The UWL has application in many areas of security, law enforcement and disaster scene and/or rescue missions. It instantly provides visual access where remote monitoring, a command vehicle or multiple views of a situation are needed. The UWL is a ruggedly designed, self-contained video s...
  Infrared Camera - Portable Network Surveillance Camera Portable Network Surveillance Camera
Zistos Corporation announces the Portable Network Surveillance Camera (PNSC) system which offers an optional built-in radiological alarm sensor. The PNSC is designed to provide a turn-key solution for field surveillance and radiological monitoring applications where no power or pre-existing networks are available. The PNSC is a self-contained, battery-operated, wireless network camera in a single, rugged carry case. The built-in wheel and handle in the case make the PNSC easy to transport. ...
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon