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Infrared Cameras

As the master distributor leader in commercial vison systems for FLIR infrared cameras, Vissacon offers state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Infrared cameras are as easy to use as a camcorder, and infrared cameras from Vissacon are the best in the world; our service and support are unparalleled in the industry. We offer budget and professional infrared cameras of the highest quality. When you buy an infrared camera from Vissacon it comes fully guaranteed. No matter where you are in Australia, we'll be there to support you.

At Vissacon we provide infrared cameras for Vehicles, Maritime, Law Enforcement and Security.

Surveillance Cameras

Security has become a major issue in an ever changing world. A comprehensive security program utilising surveillance cameras with thermal imaging capabilities is the key to asset protection and risk mitigation. Surveillance cameras and thermal imaging technology from Vissacon can help combat terrorism, vandalism and potential security threats to personnel or facilities.

Thermal imaging exposes threats hidden in the darkness, concealed by adverse weather, and veiled by obscurants like dust, fog, and smoke that easily blind other technologies.

With a wide range of portable surveillance camera systems and compact fixed mounted sensors, Vissacon has you covered for all your security and surveillance needs.

Infrared Camera - Thermal Voyager
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Products Specifications





Detector type 

Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer 320 x 240 pixels 

Spectral range  7.5 to 13m 
Number of fields of view  Two thermal imaging cameras with foveally merged video 
Field of view camera 1  20 (H) x 15 (V) with 35 mm lens (NTSC) - 20 (H) x 16 (V) with 35 mm lens (PAL) 
Field of view camera 2                 

5 (H) x 3.75 (V) with 140 mm lens (NTSC) - 5 (H) x 4.0 (V) with 140 mm lens (PAL) 

Spatial resolution (IFOV)  1.1 mrad for 35 mm lens - 0.27mrad for 140 mm lens 
Thermal sensitivity  65mK max 
Image frequency*  7.5Hz (NTSC) or 8.3 Hz (PAL)* 
Focus  Automatic or Manual 
Electronic zoom 

Foveal presentation 20 to 2 FOV 

Image processing 

Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) 



Built-in digital video 

Sony FCB EX-980S High Telephoto Zoom Color Block Camera (NTSC)
Sony FCB EX-980SP High Telephoto Zoom Color Block Camera (PAL)

Effective pixels 

Approx. 680,000 pixels (NTSC) - approx. 800,000 pixels (PAL) 

Standard lens performance  f=3.5mm (wide) to 91.0 mm (tele), F1.6 to F3.8 


Az Range 

Continuous 360 panning, speed tied to zoom 

El Range  +/-60 



Gyroscopically stabilized 



Video output 

NTSC thermal and visible or PAL thermal and visible 

Connector types 

Corrosion resistant
BNC - BNC to RCA adapter included



Requirements  24 V DC 
Consumption  <50 W nominal; 130 W peak; 270 W peak with heaters 


Operating temperature range  -32C to +55C 
Storage temperature range  -50C to +85C 
Automatic Window defrost  Yes 

100% relative humidity salt spray 

Sand/dust  Mil-Std-810E 
Encapsulation  IP 66 
Shock  Mil-Std-810E 
Vibration  Mil-Std-810E 


Camera Weight 

20.4 kg 

Camera Size  38.1 cm diameter x 58.4 cm height - swept volume 
Shipping weight (camera + packaging)  32 kg 
Shipping size (camera + packaging) (L x W x H) 

85 cm x 59 cm x 41 cm 


Stabilized pan/tilt head with integrated thermal imagers and DLTV camera, 30 m cable, breakout box and mating connectors - Voyager Joystick Control Unit custom developed for maritime
Operator manual

*30 Hz NTSC or 25 Hz PAL available. Subject to approval of the US Department of Commerce for use outside the USA. 

The Voyager is backed up by two years of full warranty.

Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon