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Infrared Cameras

As the master distributor leader in commercial vison systems for FLIR infrared cameras, Vissacon offers state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Infrared cameras are as easy to use as a camcorder, and infrared cameras from Vissacon are the best in the world; our service and support are unparalleled in the industry. We offer budget and professional infrared cameras of the highest quality. When you buy an infrared camera from Vissacon it comes fully guaranteed. No matter where you are in Australia, we'll be there to support you.

At Vissacon we provide infrared cameras for Vehicles, Maritime, Law Enforcement and Security.

Surveillance Cameras

Security has become a major issue in an ever changing world. A comprehensive security program utilising surveillance cameras with thermal imaging capabilities is the key to asset protection and risk mitigation. Surveillance cameras and thermal imaging technology from Vissacon can help combat terrorism, vandalism and potential security threats to personnel or facilities.

Thermal imaging exposes threats hidden in the darkness, concealed by adverse weather, and veiled by obscurants like dust, fog, and smoke that easily blind other technologies.

With a wide range of portable surveillance camera systems and compact fixed mounted sensors, Vissacon has you covered for all your security and surveillance needs.

Infrared Camera - Thermal Voyager
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A reliable instrument for night vision applications aboard ships
Voyager was especially developed for maritime applications. It is a powerful, multi-sensor, mid range thermal night vision system. It features two thermal imaging cameras and one daylight / low light camera. One thermal imager has a wide angle field of view and is ideal for navigation and situational awareness. The other, with the narrow field of view, allows the user to zoom in onto objects that are very small or far away. The Voyager overlays these images to provide a high resolution image without losing broad situational awareness.

The Voyager will allow you to detect objects, which are the size of a human being, more than 2 km away. Objects floating in the water, the size of 2.3 x 2.3 meter, can be detected up to practically 6 km away. The Voyager will detect these objects even in total darkness, through smoke, light fog and in the most diverse weather conditions.

The Voyager comes with a fully integrated and gyro-stabilized Pan/Tilt. It provides you with a continuous 360 rotation and a steady image in any sea state.

Product Benefits


Crisp thermal images 320 x 240 pixels

The Voyager provides crisp, clear thermal imaging, 320 x 240 pixels, in total darkness, smoke and light fog. It allows you to see small details and detect more and smaller objects at further distance.


Advanced internal camera software

Advanced internal camera software  Delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments. The Voyager provides high quality thermal imaging in any night or daytime environmental conditions.


Uncooled system

Both thermal cameras in the Voyager use an uncooled microbolometer detector producing a 320 x 240 pixels high resolution image. An uncooled system means that there are no moving parts which virtually eliminates downtime and maintenance.


Two thermal imaging cameras

The Voyager is equipped with two separate thermal imaging cameras. One has a 35 mm (20 field of view) wide angle lens, the other is equipped with a 140 mm (5 field of view) narrow field of view lens.


Continuous zoom The Voyager features a completely new concept in image presentation based on the foveal vision of the human eye. Foveal vision allows the operator to enjoy a wide angle view for situational awareness while maintaining a high resolution area in the center of the screen for object identification and tracking. The Voyager accomplishes this with two independent thermal cameras and a unique patented image processing technique that provides both the foveal imaging mode as well as a continuous zoom between the wide and narrow fields of view.
Integrated long range daylight / low light camera with continuous zoom By the touch of a button you can switch between the infrared and the daylight / low light camera. It provides you additional information and identification when conditions permit.
Designed for use in harsh maritime environments

The Voyager is an extremely rugged system. Its vital core is well protected, IP66 rated, against humidity and water. The Voyager can be cleaned with a hose just like any other equipment. The corrosion resistant housing protects drive motors and ensures long life. The Voyager operates between -32C and +55C. The Voyager has a built-in heater to defrost its protective window. This ensures a clear lens and good quality infrared images displayed on your monitor even in extremely cold environments.


Advanced gyro-stabilization

The Voyager is gyroscopically stabilized. The system compensates for practically any sea-state and allows you to see a steady image even in rougher waters.


Fast, precision Pan/Tilt system

Thanks to its precision, fast, pan and tilt system, the Voyager allows for easy following of fast moving vessels or other objects.


Joystick control unit (JCU)

The Voyager comes standard with a Joystick Control Unit (JCU) to operate the pan and tilt, switch between thermal / daylight image and focus / autofocus , zoom in and out.



The images from the Voyager thermal and daylight cameras can be displayed on virtually any existing multi-function (i.e. chart plotter) display that accepts composite video.


Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon