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Infrared Cameras

As the master distributor leader in commercial vison systems for FLIR infrared cameras, Vissacon offers state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Infrared cameras are as easy to use as a camcorder, and infrared cameras from Vissacon are the best in the world; our service and support are unparalleled in the industry. We offer budget and professional infrared cameras of the highest quality. When you buy an infrared camera from Vissacon it comes fully guaranteed. No matter where you are in Australia, we'll be there to support you.

At Vissacon we provide infrared cameras for Vehicles, Maritime, Law Enforcement and Security.

Surveillance Cameras

Security has become a major issue in an ever changing world. A comprehensive security program utilising surveillance cameras with thermal imaging capabilities is the key to asset protection and risk mitigation. Surveillance cameras and thermal imaging technology from Vissacon can help combat terrorism, vandalism and potential security threats to personnel or facilities.

Thermal imaging exposes threats hidden in the darkness, concealed by adverse weather, and veiled by obscurants like dust, fog, and smoke that easily blind other technologies.

With a wide range of portable surveillance camera systems and compact fixed mounted sensors, Vissacon has you covered for all your security and surveillance needs.

Infrared Camera - ChromaNox 6
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ChromaNox 6

High-Performance Color Imaging- All Day, All Night.

The FLIR Systems ChromaNox 6 is an advanced electron multiplied CCD (EMCCD) camera that produces high quality color or monochrome video in lighting conditions from daylight to starlight, without the need for supplimental illumination.

The ability to extend color imaging to 24-hour operation can greatly increase the effectiveness of your video security system and reduce the need for lighting resulting in significant cost savings and reduction of light pollution.

The camera's 640 x 480 resolution imagery makes it ideal for security camera systems, persistent surveillance, airborne sensor pods, and both fixed and mobile border patrol surveillance systems.

The ChromaNox 6 is the perfect complement to FLIR's thermal security cameras, as it provides valuable visual details that can help operators identify people and objects, while also producing excellent imagery during thermal crossover conditions that can potentially limit the effectiveness of a therml camera during the transitions between day and night.

The camera features Camera Link and analog video outputs and a range of automatic image optimisation including auto-gain correction (AGC), auto white balance, noise suppression, dynamic range boost, gamma control, iris control and image smear suppression.

Product Benefits


Starlight Level Night Vision High quality color or monochrome video in ultra-lowlight conditions.
Visible and Near Infrared Spectral Response Ability to see color and normal visible spectrum image details like lettering.
Mil-Spec Environmental Qualified Option Ensure reliability and performance in the most demanding applications.
Automatic Gain Control Seamless operation 24/7.
Camera Link and Analog Video Outputs Integration Flexibility.

Half inch Format Sensor

Wide range of lenses can be used.
Extended NIR Response Ability to see 1.06Ám laser spot.
Custom Design Services Available Fit an EMCCD camera payload into your system.

Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon
Infrared Cameras - Vissacon